Crossing the Tiber – a list of those who converted to Roman Catholicism in adult life. It will surprise you.

Books for the Literati – book reviews

Gallery of self-destruction (suspended) – These are, or were, people of power, privilege, education, talent, wealth, celebrity and even catechism.  Nevertheless, they made vows they could not keep, defrauded their fellow man, took bribes, lied, cheated, stole or simply self destructed before our eyes. From all appearances, these people should have had it all, but threw it all away. Why? Almost daily, the news reminds us of our inherent sinful nature. This list reminds us that even with every advantage to do right and to be happy, we will mess it up. Paul writes about it in Romans chapter 6. We might as well add our names to this list also.

Home educated – A list of people in the news who were or are home educated. The movement has been growing at an incredible pace for a variety of reasons and many of the people you hear about in the news received personalized education.

Why home educate  – list reasons, people and news stories that remind me why we do it.

Ancient traditions – customs of note that have gone on for centuries

Dying traditions – the fading practices of our civilization

Sanctity of Marriage – monitoring the erosion of marriage in it’s multitude of ways.

Apologetics – Discovering the veracity of the Catholic Church

A la Carte – a rogues gallery of weeds among the wheat

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