Encyclopedia of Heresy

It may surprise some that just about every denomination in existence today was an early heretical movement in an earlier century—been there done that; nothing new under the sun.

Name Origin Period Emphasis Modern Equivalent
Apollinarianism Apollinaris of Laodicea 4th century monophysitism Any sects that hold to monphysitism.
Arianism Arius 3rd century AD Non-trinitarian believing that Jesus was subordinate to God  Non-trinitarian movements and their offshoots;Mormonism
Docetism uncertain 2nd century AD Jesus' humanity and human form were an illusion or avatar Atheism
Ebionism Jewish Christian Sect 1st-2nd century AD rejected the divinity of Jesus Christ Any that reject the divinity of Jesus
Montanism Montanus ( a pagan convert) 2nd century AD Prophecy and Holy Ghost sponteniety Pentacostalism
Nestorianism Nestorius 5th century AD Separated nature of Jesus being divine and human; adoptionism Unitarian Psilanthropism; Strangite Latter Day Saints
Valentinianism Valentinius ( a disciple of Theudas disciple of Paul) 2nd century Gnostic ideas through and through  modern Gnostic movements

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