Reasons to Home Educate

I encounter news stories almost daily that remind me why we home educate. Believe me, with so many detractors and a sense of doubt that invariably haunts the home educating family, these reminders are important. So I will post these as they appear:

Private school in New Mexico conducts random drug test on students: click here

Family asks judge to remove “God” from Pledge of Allegiance in Mass. school district: click here

3 new dangerous drug habits among teens: click here

Physics teacher (a graduate of MIT and Georgetown Law) in Loudoun County resigns. The meaning of grades

Rice – Klein panel on education and issues of national security: Click here

Systemized cheating on standardized exams: Click here

2012.06.21 – 68 year old bus monitor woman jeered and ridiculed to tears by a bunch of middle school kids. Video goes viral.

Extreme Bone Head, Jerry Brown, of the People’s Republic of California has signed bill to allow transgender students to play on girls or boys sport teams / bathrooms / whatever of their choosing to be their “authentic selves”.¬† Of course this won’t be abused at all and if this doesn’t cause a surge in home schooling I don’t know what will. Click here

In many school districts it is presumed that children belong to the state. Here’s a story where parents tried to stick up for their kids: Click here

California educator accused on YouTube of sexual abuse charged with 16 felonies  Click here.

Educators in Atlanta convicted in cheating scandal. Why study when your teachers can cheat for you and go to jail too. Click here.

Principal arrested partying with male student. Click here.

How the poison of the public school system is now permeating HE: Click Here

Alberta Educational Kool-Aid. Good grammar now excludes pronouns. Click Here.

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