It was about the 4th or 5th Mass at St. Catherine of Siena that I realized I could follow along in the St. Michaels hymnal—Latin on the left side, English translation on the right. Two portions of the text were separated and made all CAPS with rubric suggesting that the words be said very clearly. In both cases the passages started with the word “ACCIPITE…”


and later on


When I realized what those words said, “TAKE AND EAT…” and “TAKE AND DRINK…” I was overwhelmed by emotion–I had recalled Hahn’s book the Lamb’s Supper in which he described those words spoken by the priest representing Christ speaking to me at that moment. And then it all hit me and a huge story follows. After decades as a non-Catholic Christian, I converted to Roman Catholicism being officially confirmed in the Church under the name and patronage of St. Thomas More on March 30, 2013 Easter Vigil Mass.

Around that time I decided to change my domain name and host provider. And amazingly, perhaps the most important word in Catholicism if not Christendom, accipite, was available as a domain name with no premium. I purchased on a Saturday. The communion motet the next Sunday was called Coenantibus autem illis by Juan de Lienas which sang the very words “accipite, accipite, accipite…” in choral polyphony. I took it as a sign to purchase the and domains as well.

This blog is primarily about Roman Catholicism from the eyes of a new (old) convert as well as a rehydration of an earlier blog I maintained as a non-Catholic Christian in previous years.  Readers can contact me at I would love to here from you.

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